Rosacea is flushing and redness of skin and it is seen in people with fair skin and those who blush easily. The exact cause or the age of onset of Rosacea cannot be determined; however it is usually seen after the age of 30. Initially the redness may come and go, but over a period of time, the redness becomes more pronounced and persistent. If this condition is not treated it may turn into bumps and pimples. The nose may appear swollen and the eyes seem bloodshot and watery. The condition can be aggravated by the excessive use of alcohol, hot drinks, certain foods, stress and exercise. Until recently a treatment for Rosacea was almost non-existent. With the advance in IPL treatments it is now within the reach of everybody, and is quite simple and easy. Dilated blood vessels causing Rosacea absorb heat from the beam of light; coagulating the blood within the vein and making the vein disappear. Some bigger veins may turn slightly grey at first before disappearing permanently.