Vera Medi Spa & Salon is proud to introduce high end skin care products from Guinot.

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Vera skin care specialists are qualified to recommend effective and appropriate skin care treatments based on a clear understanding of your personal needs. Our wide spectrum of Guinot products provide specific treatments for many skin conditions such as dehydration, aging skin, and acne. Our in-spa facial treatments provide deep nourishment and rejuvenation to give you a healthy glow and restore your skin’s natural beauty.

Guinot Products


  • Cleansers
  • Toners
  • Exfoliants
  • Moisturizers
  • Masks
  • Anti-aging Serums
  • Eye Care
  • Hand and Body Care



The most effective deep cleansing care for your skin. Recognized internationally as one of the most technologically advanced skin care treatments, the Hydradermie is tailored to the needs of your skin and beauty goals. Results are visible after one facial only.


With age and fatigue, the contours of the face become heavier and less defined, indicating signs of aging. Hydradermie Lift is a lifting facial that tones and firms the face. At the end of the first session, fine lines and crow’s feet are smoothed and the eyes look younger. This treatment is versatile and extends to offer a specialized eye treatment, the Hydradermie Lift Yeux for younger looking eyes.


Tiredness, stress, or natural aging cause the superficial layers of the epidermis to dry and become congested resulting in a loss of radiance. Guinot’s Beaute Neuve will remove these superfluous cells and help the skin to breathe again, revealing a healthy skin, through its double peeling function. After one treatment you will visibly notice the difference.


With pro collagen
The Liftosome treatment restores radiance and vitality to the skin while firming, strengthening and lifting the features. After your treatment you will be delighted to see that your face looks younger, relaxed and appears firmer.This facial is highly recommended prior to a special occasion due to its immediate visible results. In less than an hour your face will have a fresh and glowing skin.


A “pick me up” face care to restore balance to your skin. When you enter the treatment room, the welcoming fragrance of the essential oils beckons you on a wonderful beauty voyage…an initiation to serenity and well being.

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